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A remote sea submersible-part of an overall undersea discernment program has been struck by a gigantic creature, previously thought to be wiped out, and now lies debilitated at the base of the most significant trench in the Pacific...with its group got inside. With time running out, ace remote sea ensure jumper Jonas Taylor is enlisted by a visionary Chinese oceanographer, against the wants of his daughter Suyin, to save the gathering and the ocean itself from this tenacious hazard: a pre-essential 75-foot-long shark known as the Megalodon.
In spite of the tempting guarantee of Statham versus a goliath shark, this activity film falteringly takes pretty much every shark-motion picture vanity at any point created, while depleting the tension, dread, and fun out of them. The Meg begins alright with its cunning logical disclosure, which could have been investigated somewhat further, however executive Jon Turteltaub continues to barrel directly past it with moment and determined assaults that vibe more like cudgels than thrills. Shark fans will definitely know every one of the moves in this one - many of them taken straight from Jaws - and the film neglects to evoke anything even remotely like an astonishment or a panic. 

The activity arrangements are, if not precisely frightful, positively inconvenient, with a lot of to a great extent good for nothing, to a great extent bloodless butcher that doesn't have much effect. Also, obviously, the motion picture delays far too long. By means of an introduction, an irresolute endeavor is made to add some profundity to Statham's character, particularly a save mission in which his choice brought about two passings (prompting bunches of blame for him a while later), however this infrequently appears to give him any respite amid the motion picture's present-day activity. And keeping in mind that The Meg gathers a multicultural cast, with two or three special cases, very few of them are unpleasantly nuanced (some significantly verge on cliché) or have much to do. Unfortunately, not in any case the shark is extremely intriguing.

What no one could have never thought is that, earlier years, Taylor had encountered this same disturbing creature. By and by, coordinated with Suyin, he ought to go up against his fears and danger his own life to save everyone discovered below...bringing him versus once more with the best and greatest predator ever.