Is Android P Better Than iOS 12 ?

Android P vs iOS 12 - Is Apple's new iOS 12 Better than Google's Android P or Is Google's Android P Better than Apple's new iOS 12 ?
Every Tech addict would like to know which mobile operating system is better and why ?
Is Apple falling behind in the race with Google in building their mobile operating system ?

Lets take a look at Google's Android P vs Apple's iOS 12.
First lets see the similarities between Android P and iOS 12.

  • A Similar Photos App - Apple integrated Siri and search bar in the Photos app just like Google integrated Google Assistant and search bar into their Photos app.
  • Organised Notifications - Still Android Notifications are better with the small app icon in the notification bar.
  • With iOS 12 and Android P both Siri and Google Assistant are head to head in the voice assistant battle.
  • Tools to manage your Smart Phone use - with both having many built in features.
  • Augmented Reality.
Why iOS is better than Android ?
  • Much Faster and Responsive with less Bugs
  • Better Hardware and Software Integration
  • Easy to use
  • Faster OS updates and Support for even older iPhones to support newer OS (like iPhone 5s to support iOS 12)
  • Apps developers build their apps first for iOS, so apps are first released in the iOS app store
  • No Vloatware
  • Works seamlessly with Mac
  • Apple Pay
  • Family Sharing
  • Siri
Why Android is better than iOS ?
  • Customisation
  • Widgets
  • Multi-tasking, Multi Window and more 
  • Custom Launchers, Lock Screen and more
  • Custom ROMs
  • Google Integration
  • Google Now
  • Google Assistant
  • Android Pay
  • More free apps and games